Avatars & PFPs

In PurpleFi, avatars go beyond the conventional notion of profile pictures; they hold a vital role within the ecosystem, serving as a means for players to convey their distinct personalities and interests.

Within the app, users have the opportunity to obtain avatars using $PURP, the ecosystem's native currency. $PURP can be acquired through purchase or earned by engaging in various activities within the ecosystem.

A Large and Ever-Expanding Array of Choices

PurpleFi offers a wide array of avatars for players to select from. These options range from beloved characters from PurpleFi Arcade games to iconic Crypto Whales figures, ensuring there's a suitable choice for everyone

Furthermore, PurpleFi Arcade consistently introduces fresh avatars for players to expand their collection, ensuring a continuous influx of new options for app users.

An Expression of Individuality

Within PurpleFi Arcade, avatars serve as more than mere profile pictures. They serve as a means for players to express their distinct personalities and interests. Whether one's passion lies in popular hyper-casual games or the world of cryptocurrencies, there's an avatar that resonates with them.

By carefully selecting the ideal avatar, players can showcase their interests to the PurpleFi Community, facilitating connections with like-minded individuals and the opportunity to forge new friendships.

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