Coin-Op Vault

Maximizing Returns for Liquidity Providers

Coin-Op Vault is a suite of meticulously designed yield farming Smart Contracts within the PurpleFi ecosystem. These contracts are engineered to automatically seek out the most advantageous yield opportunities for our users, with the primary objective of delivering optimal returns.

Coin-Op Contracts and Auto-Compounding Strategy

Our Coin-Op contracts leverage an ingenious auto-compounding strategy to provide users with the highest possible yield. By continuously reinvesting and compounding rewards into the protocol, Coin-Op ensures that users consistently receive superior returns on their investments.

Liquidity Pool Strategy

In the PurpleFi Odyssey Liquidity Pool, users deposit two different assets, which subsequently generate LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens. These LP tokens can be further utilized within the Coin-Op Vault. Here, the power of token mining is harnessed, with rewards systematically reinvested into the protocol. This strategic approach effectively increases users' holdings of the base LP tokens, compounding their returns.


To support the sustainability and integrity of our ecosystem, PurpleFi implements a fee structure:

  • Platform Fee on Earnings: A modest 1% platform fee is applied to earnings, ensuring the continuous development and enhancement of the PurpleFi ecosystem.

  • Tiered Withdrawal Fee: Users have the flexibility to withdraw their tokens from Coin-Op contracts at any time. However, to safeguard against potential misuse and maintain fairness, Coin-Op contracts feature a tiered withdrawal fee structure. The fee varies depending on the duration for which liquidity has been provided, discouraging any attempts at gaming the system.

Our commitment to providing a secure, profitable, and equitable yield farming experience is at the core of the Coin-Op Vault and PurpleFi ecosystem. We aim to empower our users to maximize their returns while fostering the sustainable growth of our platform.

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