GameFi System

Arcade Showstopper Leaderboard

The Arcade Showstopper leaderboard in PurpleFi Arcade is an exhilarating and captivating feature, offering players a platform to flaunt their gaming prowess and seize incredible rewards.

Each week, users vie for the top spot by achieving their finest scores in a specially-curated game. Scores reset with each new week, igniting fresh competition and giving players the opportunity to set their sights on the highest rank and the most sensational rewards.

Here's your simple guide to kickstart your journey:

  1. Play the featured game of the week: Dive into the weekly gaming challenge by launching the selected game and preparing to set your high score record. These games are shuffled weekly.

  2. Aim for the highest score: Put your gaming skills to the test as you strive to achieve the top score, aiming to outshine competitors and secure your spot on the leaderboard.

  3. Keep an eye on your progress: Monitor your performance and track your advancement on the leaderboard to see how close you are to claiming your well-deserved rewards.

  4. Reap the rewards: When the week concludes, the rewards will be generously distributed to those who have demonstrated their gaming prowess, with the top 50% of participants set to receive exciting prizes.

  5. Claim your well-deserved bounty: Once you've earned your place among the rewarded players, it's time to claim your bounty and celebrate your gaming achievements in style.

Sapphire System

Sapphires in PurpleFi Arcade are unequivocally not a cryptocurrency and will never be linked to any financial transaction. Through competitive play against other users, participants can amass these Sapphires to exchange them for products available through our esteemed brand partners in the future.

In the thrilling world of PurpleFi Arcade, sapphires are your golden ticket to dive into the heart-pounding Game of the Week. But what if you're running low on these precious gems? Don't fret! We've got some exciting options for you:

  1. Recruit Allies: Rally your friends and fellow adventurers into the PurpleFi realm. When they heed your call and join the action, you'll be rewarded with a shiny sapphire.

  2. Unleash Your $PURPX Power: Want to fast-track your sapphire stash? No problem! Harness the power of $PURPX tokens to acquire sapphires and keep the gaming excitement flowing.

  3. Conquer Challenges: Rise to the occasion and prove your mettle! Conquer challenges and tasks within the PurpleFi universe to earn sapphires that will fuel your epic journey through the Game of the Week

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